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Hypnotherapy Edmonds & Seattle

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Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for yesterday’s session. If I had to use one word to describe how I feel today, it’s “safe.” What it really feels like is when you’re four years old and you’ve been crying like crazy and your mother just hugs you until you calm down and you know everything will be okay — that’s how I feel. So thank you. One thing is for sure, I know going into a session with you that I will be in a better place by the time I leave.
(Also…as I told you yesterday — your (home) office is very calming, so quiet, with the water and the soft music,)

Thanks again.

Leslie/Lynnwood *Results may vary.

doing well thank you. the best $150. i ever spent! my husband thought he might try it some time!

…you are an awesome lady with a great presence. i don’t think just anyone can do what you can do. you have a great gift and i’ve been handing out your number ALL over the place. we will talk to you when my hubby is ready… until then , may God richly bless you.

Susan/Lake Stevens, WA *Results may vary.

Susan Lake Stevens, WA
Hi Kate,

It’s been two weeks now since our session and I have not smoked. THANK YOU OVER AND OVER for your help! I plan to leave a rave review on your website.


Randy/Edmonds, WA *Results may vary.

Randy Edmonds, WA