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Hypnotherapy to Effectively Lose Weight

Kate has been helping clients effectively manage their weight with hypnosis since 2003. Many of her clients have been on diet after diet before seeing Kate and are ready to stop the yoyo weight gain/loss cycle and start making healthier choices. Through hypnotherapy most clients become more aware of what they really need and ultimately learn to love and respect themselves, their body and reduce weight in a healthy and natural way. Some clients can make the adjustment they need in one session but most clients will see Kate for 5 or more sessions to reduce weight. During these sessions most clients find healthier ways to handle triggers for emotional eating and self-sabotage, and let go of the weight of past hurts. Many clients who had stopped exercising are able to reconnect with a joy in moving their body and enjoy the many health benefits from regular exercise, e.g. number one way to reduce weight, stress reduction, better sleep, improved memory, mood enhanced, hormone balancing, and more. In addition to private weight management sessions, group sessions are also available. Please feel free to give Kate a call 206-779-5655 or send her an email kate@katewells.net if she can answer any questions or if you’d like to schedule a session. A 20% discount is available when 5 sessions are paid for in advance. *Results may vary per client.