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Quit Smoking Today

Hypnotherapy has been shown in study after study, to help cigarette smokers quit smoking! The most important thing you can do to improve your health and live longer is quit smoking! To find out how Kate can help you quit smoking with hypnosis give her a call today. 206-779-5655. *Results may vary per client.

Testimonials from clients Kate has helped quit smoking:

Hi Kate,
It’s been two weeks now since our session and I have not smoked. THANK YOU OVER AND OVER for your help! I plan to leave a rave review on your website.
Randy/Edmonds, WA

More from Randy/Edmonds, WA

Hi Kate, going on three weeks now. I guess the next step will come when I stop counting the days.
You may add that I smoked for 40 Years on your testimonial page. Up to you. I have had a couple of smoking friends ask me how I quit. I told them about a fantastic hypnotist I found. I suppose you are OK with referrals??

*Results may vary per client.


Just taking a minute to tell you what we’ve done with all the money we’ve saved from not smoking. (First of all, I need to tell you that we’ve not gained weight or had any substitution habits since quitting.)

It’s been 18 days. . . I think. . . . We don’t dwell much on the habit that I had for 40 years and Candie had for 30 years. I was cleaning and came across a dirty ashtray and I thought of you. It should make you feel good. Really!

We smoked at least 3 packs a day between us. That’s about $15 a day. Probably more. With the money that we’ve saved, we bought a new washer dryer. 600 sq feet of sod. Painted the bathroom, ordered a new sliding glass door and today, I bought a nice, frilly fuchsia blouse. Pretty neat, huh?

Ok. We did buy all of those things and it wasn’t actually with the savings from not smoking. It’s just a joke. However, not smoking is so much fun that it seems like we’ve won the lottery. It’s really cool. I swear that my teeth are getting whiter. We both certainly feel great.

Yup. Put it on your website. We endorse your service!
Thanks! -Kathy and Candie/Snohomish
6 Month Update
70 years of combined smoking experience.
Not one cigarette in over 6 months.
THANKS! -Kathy and Candie/Snohomish

*Results may vary per client.
Just a quick note to say thank you and let you know that your hypnotherapy
was successful. Today marks 1 year as smoke free for me. I’m not sure
if I’m a non-smoker or an ex-smoker but I am smoke free! Thanks again
for your help and hope all is well with you.
Thanks -Mitch/Everett, WA

*Results may vary per client.