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Releasing Fears and Limited Beliefs

Hypnotherapy works by targeting negative thoughts and emotions in relation to a fear or limitation whether those memories are repressed or remembered. A fear or limitation maybe something that has been a problem for years or most of one’s life, or may have come on suddenly. Some clients want to know the source of the fear or limitation and others just want it to be gone. Kate practices client centered hypnotherapy and only uses techniques that fit her client’s desired outcome. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in overcoming the limitations, embarrassment and/or white knuckle terror brought on by fears and limited beliefs.  *Results may vary per client.


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Please feel free to give Kate a call 206-779-5655 or send her an email kate@katewells.net if she can answer any questions or if you’d like to schedule a session. A 20% discount is available when 5 sessions are paid for in advance.