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The fee is $100 per hour (30 minute session fee is $50.) and most private sessions are two hours in length, unless special arrangements have been made prior to the session. Clients can schedule one or more sessions. For all session options listed below a 20% discount is available when 5 sessions are purchased in advance. The 20% discount offer is equal to 5 sessions for the price of 4.

Three Private Session Options

  1.  In Depth Private Hypnotherapy Sessions. Sessions run 2 hours in length allowing time for exploration, discovery, solutions and subconscious mind directed changes. The 2 hour sessions are ideal for anyone ready to make a change in their life, behavior, and outlook, e.g.: weight management, release limitations and fears, habit change and change in your life, increased wellbeing, smoking cessation and more. $200 per session/ 5 sessions x 200 – 20% = $800
  2.  One Hour Hypnotherapy Sessions. Sessions are focused on one issue at a time. Most sessions can be up to 30 minutes of goal setting and updates on progress, leaving the remaining time, at least 30 minutes, for hypnotherapy. One hour sessions are ideal for anyone who knows the issue they want to focus upon and are solution oriented in how they’d like to achieve their goal. One hour sessions are ideal for relaxation, stress reduction, on-going support for weight management and more. $100 per session/ 5 sessions x 100 – 20% = $400
  3.  30 Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions. Session are over the phone, Skype or FaceTime only, and run 30 minutes in length. The session is very focused and ideal for anyone desiring a “tune up” or on-going support with an issue we’ve previously addressed, e.g. weight management, fears, stress reduction and more. The session would start with a brief goal setting discussion (5 – 10 minutes) and the remainder of time would be for hypnotherapy. $50 per session/ 5 sessions x 50 – 20% = $200

Hypno-coaching sessions are available over the phone or online. Hypno-coaching is ideal for the busy professional, student and parent as you can receive this support from where ever you are located.

Group hypnosis is offered monthly. Current offerings include Motivation to Make Healthful Choices, Stress Reduction and Past Life Regression. Please contact Kate for specific dates and times as they vary each month.

*Results may vary per client.