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Being Assertive VS Aggressive or Passive Aggressive *

Recently I became a Certified Assertiveness Coach. To authentically be you, practice healthy self-care and be honest with yourself and others, understanding the difference between assertiveness, aggressiveness and passive aggressiveness is key.

Assertiveness is a means of self-care that involves communicating honestly with yourself and others, in a way that takes your rights and others into account, e.g. “Thank you for inviting me to join you this weekend.  It has been busy at work so I’ve decided to stay home this weekend.”

Aggressiveness comes from fear your needs won’t be met and feelings are expressed so strongly verbally, physically or emotionally that there is no regard of the rights of others, e.g. “You and your friends always plan stupid stuff to do on the weekend and I probably wouldn’t have any fun.”

Passive Aggressiveness comes from a fear to share feelings. Others don’t understand what is needed because in being passive aggressive truth is not expressed, e.g. “You probably need me to drive,…okay, I’ll go.”

Through the process of tuning into your feelings and learning to express yourself and your needs in an assertive manner you can take charge of your life, improve your health and your relationships.

Please let me know if you would like more information on assertiveness coaching.

Assertiveness coach training is available through Doreen Virtue’s course at Hay House.

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